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COVID-19 Safety Protocol

These preventive measures are based on technical criteria and have been developed by the management, administration and managers of the Internal Processes of our company, and are aligned with the general recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), the DAN (Diverse Alert Network) and the Ministry of Public Health, identified as essential for this new work stage. All these measures have a double objective: on the one hand, the prevention and protection of the health of our company's workers, hotel employees and customers; and, on the other hand, to serve with a certain degree of normality. All of them will be updated as the Ministry of Public Health does so and, consequently, this Plan will be revised. Communication will be constant and transparent.

Bus Transfers
1. Buses will be disinfected and cleaned daily for excursions requiring pick-up. In addition, antibacterial and antiviral gel will be available to passengers.
2. The driver and staff will be equipped with a mask and digital thermometer to take the temperature of the clients before boarding the transportation.
3. All units shall be equipped with a gel dispenser on the same staircase for use by clients when boarding the transport. In addition, the driver shall be provided with a gel dispenser or alcohol solution (75%) to necessarily spray the hands of all clients before boarding the bus.
4. When seating the clients, we must identify the single-family groups according to the reservation, and they must be able to sit together without spaces between them.
5. Between one single-family group and another, at least one seat should be left free or the seats should be zig-zagged. It can be calculated that the transports will go within 50% of their capacity in order to maintain the required distance. All clients must wear masks during transfers.

Hygiene and safety protocol
Below, we will explain the measures that we have identified as particularly sensitive, with which we will have to maximize the preventive measures of hygiene and daily work:
1. Maintain adequate hygiene.
2. Wear a mask at all times.
3. Wear gloves and gel or alcohol solution.
4. 2 meters distance between personnel as appropriate.
5. Distance of 2 meters between personnel and passengers as appropriate.
6. Information and awareness-raising: Dissemination campaigns will be carried out to inform all workers of both the risks and the preventive measures to be taken to protect themselves from COVID-19 infection.
These will consist of:
- Informative posters on electronic and paper screens.
- Posts disseminating the measures taken or explanatory videos with the measures.
- Information published by the Ministry of Public Health in this regard.
- Information to visitors/users of our facilities.