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How it works

We make your vacations worth to remember.
Our holiday programs are based on making the most of your vacation through your senses, comfort and personalized treatment by professionals in accessible tourism. Every year we select different destinations and design your vacations based on a refined selection of tourism providers.

Our travellers


What is essential is invisible to the eyes, and our target is that you can feel it with us. An unique experience for people who want to perceive things from another perspective. Blind travellers don't need to worry about unexpected things during their trip. Our travel packages are carefully planned for the enjoyment with all the senses. We are fully involved in the planning and verification of the places to visit and the activities included in each vacation program, to ensure that they are prepared to serve people with visual disabilities.
As part of the activities we have incorporated a range of scenarios to stimulate each of the senses, with a multi-sensory approach.
Our value proposition for travelers with visual disabilities is based on the opportunity to get to know new places with total autonomy and security.
You will have the opportunity to share with others who will be enriched based on the development of group activities where values ​​of community, teamwork, inclusion and equity will be transmitted.
Seeing is just part of the experience.

Vacations designed by specialists in accessible tourism


We take care in every detail to make your vacation unique and unforgettable. Every experience begins with the design of holiday programs to please very specific tastes and interests: classic vacations, active vacations and family vacations.
Our team of specialists, designs each vacation program validating the level of accessibility of each service, facilities and infrastructures in order to guarantee the highest joy in every place we visit to create an unforgettable experience to the senses.
This includes details such as instant messaging system to receive 24/7 assistance and daily details of the travel itinerary on mobile devices, people waiting for you at the door, cards or keys to get into the hotel room, correctly marked, identifying your presence at the front desk to give you a personalized and adapted attention, signage of elements such as shampoo and conditioners and guide service activities and personalized excursions.
We have a concierge team available to attend any question or query that will assist you in the planning and booking process of your vacations.

All inclusive vacation


Each travel includes accommodation plan, food and beverage and a full activity plan that will allow you to discover, travel and feeling new experiences through tours, excursions and guide visits to the main attractions of each destination.
Our prices includes round trip transfers to the airport.
You will enjoy personalized assistance from our travel concierges.
Through a mobile application, in person or by telephone we will ensure that you spend your days of rest in an entertaining, comfortable and safe way.
In each holiday program we include a variety of sensory stimuli ranging from gourmet tastings to encounters with local culture and music.
We accompany you to explore the world, creating experiences worth to remember.
We are proud to offer an excellent service before, during and after your holidays, so you can rest and enjoy.

Unbeatable price-value ratio


We operate with a clear and transparent price policy.
Our business knowledge, purchase volume and experience in the design of travel programs, provide us with high quality products at an absolutely competitive price.

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